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My journey starts at age 12, seeing my mother do makeup and using that to fuel my passion.  I started by using those cliché makeup kits you buy at Claire's and played with eyeshadow first.  I went up to my mom and she said that my blue and pink eyeshadow was not meant for everyday wear and that I should wear browns and neutrals, so I did.  After a while I got bored (of course) and started using more and more color.  I would wake up earlier to have time to do my makeup and hair in the morning, like my own therapy session. 

When I turned 16, I got my first high-end eyeshadow palette as a birthday gift (Urban Decay Naked 1 palette).  I used it so much, it inspired more looks and my passion even further for makeup.  I started using my own money to get more and more makeup to complete my collection.  I knew that my obsession wouldn't subside, so I turned it into my career.  I practiced almost every night whether it was a new look, a new technique or a new product.

When I turned 18 I started doing makeup for my friends and family.  I look back at those photos now and laugh at all my mistakes, but I also cherish them knowing that it was the start of something amazing.

5 years later, I have graduated from Blanche Macdonald, a world renowned school in the Global Makeup Artistry Program with honors.  I have work published in magazines and have worked in many different projects including short and feature films, commercials, runways, conferences, weddings and the list goes on.  My passion today not only lies within makeup but also in hair, fashion and connecting with others.  Now, I apply everything I have learned into my career to create a beautiful environment for myself and the people in my chair.


Faddy Magazine, 2020

Porcelain Beauty; A look book of natural and editorial makeup and hair styles. 

Photographer: Oscar Bustos

Model: Amelia Molly

Mua and hair stylist: Nika Veilleux

A piece created for New York Penn Station, remembering the station before 1960.

Director: Stan Douglas

Key Mua and hair stylist: Carey Williams

1st Assist: Kaya Gaudet

2nd assist: Angelica Nakamura

3rd assist: Nika Veilleux

4th assist: Laura Whitby

Penida Magazine, 2020

Opposites; A look into streetwear meeting nature in the beautiful Vancouver Stanley Park

Photographer: Nika Veilleux

Model: Alix Veilleux

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Nika Veilleux

Fuck That by 5sang15, 2021

Music Video with 5sang14

SFX Mua and Hair Stylist: Nika Veilleux 

Moving Past...Goodbye, 2021

Award winning short film directed by Arielle Keach-Tremblay

Mua and Hair stylist: Nika Veilleux

New York Times, 2020

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